Where Do You Live?

light-color-wallpaper-11408     In this unfolding time of our human story many of us seem to be pulled to transform ourselves into radically new ways of thinking and being.  For me, Coming Home to the Wisdom of the Body provides an entrance point for remembering who we are, and for creating new pathways to a more joyful future.

A quantum leap in consciousness is required for ending suffering. The movement from ego-attachment to heart consciousness has to be a primary focus in order to heal our physical, emotional bodies, and to soar into the freedom of our soul/spirit.

This weekend is designed especially to:

  • Reconnect to our soul’s guidance
  • Awaken us to an intuitive source of wisdom beyond the mind
  • Cultivate a deeper experience of our true and infinite nature
  • Venture deep into cellular memories – cleansing what no longer serves us (false beliefs, attachments, distortion, agendas…) and reconnecting with the Ah yes, this is how I was meant to be!
  • Cultivate awareness and presence beyond the meditation cushion.
  • Learn the O’Ring Testing Modality. Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, this simple muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances, assessing its needs, and as a way to make informed, healthy decisions in any area of life.

The mind/soul consciousness of the body’ s cells can give us reassuring feedback that we are already a living consciousness in motion, and that we are part of the eternal field of creation. When we free our self from the illusion of separation we can then live from our deepest truth and freedom.

Through inquiries, silence, movement, breathing, deep sharing, visual input, and meditation we will invite the innate intelligence that already lives inside of us to become more accessible.

The conditions for suffering and the conditions to end suffering are found in our body/mind. The body can either become an ally with all its mysteries or an adversary to overcome and conquer, which one are we choosing?

Indeed, our body with its pain and pleasure is what we have; fully awake, fully alive, and rooted in the ceaseless flow of love. It is up to us to reclaim our connection to our body through deep listening, and mindful awareness of its messages.  If your cells could talk, what would be there message to you?

We welcome you to join us in this discovery.  Seminar scheduled for Sat/Sun, November 15-16 from 10 am to 6pm.  Read more and Register here

Alvita Soleil

                                          You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees

                                          For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

                                          You only have to let the soft animal of your body

                                          Love what it loves.

                                                                                – Mary Oliver


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About Dr. Alvita Soleil

Dr. Soleil’s approach to health and wellness integrates ancient wisdom with modern technology. We use a wide variety of effective, natural restorative therapies with practical life-enhancing methods that support rejuvenation, and address health concerns on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Soleil's emphasis is on prevention, detoxification, strengthening the body, awakening the mind and empowering the spirit. She offers an integrated and compassionate approach to many health challenges as she draws upon the wisdom of her own life journey, weaving it with the expertise of Modern Western Psychology, the New Science, the new Paradigm of Quantum physics, and the exquisite wisdom of Mother Earth. Having dealt with many health challenges, her heart is open to a compassionate and integrated approach to well being. For this reason she combines many holistic healing modalities in her practice with the use of her intuitive gifts. Her joy and passion for healing, teaching, and assisting people in cultivating their own inner mastery is guided by her love for the truth and reverence for both the light and the shadow journey in each person life’s journey. She is currently in private practice at the Aloha Health Clinic in Kamuela at the Waimea Town Plaza. Contact Dr. Soleil at (808) 889-0770
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