Navigating the New Year

At the beginning of the year, many of us take time to reassess our life, and establish New Year’s resolutions. As the year starts anew, we have a chance to make changes in our lives and an opportunity to put the troubles of the past behind us. This intention is honorable, but we all know that amnesia can settle in after a few months of optimism, and we end up with a good dose of self –loathing from failing our commitments. Image

In this New Year, I would like to offer a new approach that may go beyond the will power of losing ten pounds, quitting smoking, paying off credit cards, or finding the perfect mate.

We all know we are living in a time of great significance where humanity is facing unprecedented challenges, and unprecedented opportunities for inner and outer transformation. The new cosmologies are giving us a view of the world, and of ourselves that we never had before. For the first time, we understand that we don’t just live in the universe, but the universe lives in us. Therefore the approach of becoming conscious of all that is unconscious can be an important theme that weaves this transformational journey.

The complexity of the planetary crises requires that we wake up to our spirituality, to our heart/soul. The journey of discovering who we are and what we are, is essential as a co-creator of our future.

Indeed, we have come to a stage where the real work of humanity begins. Every moment is a choice, a choice to love or to turn away from love.  May love inspire us to wake up even more to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness where all beings are honored, and peace is a priority.

I will return to this juicy topic again throughout 2014. But for now, let me offer some specific advice for the current season:

My favorite tip for 2014

Whenever you find yourself confused, unsure of what step to take next, breathe deep, and exhale deeply.Image

Remember that the universe lives inside of you. Pause, and relax for a moment. Put your bare feet on the ground, you will be amazed at how centered you will feel after a few minutes connecting with the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth.

Chinese Medicine and Winter Time

Winter is upon us even in Hawaii.  Each season presents opportunities for healing and growth. This is the time of year to reflect on our health, replenish our energy, and conserve our strength.  The winter season is about introspection, allowing us to slow down to a more reflective pace, to take a look at what we want to let go of, ways we can keep ourselves balanced, and build our energy reserves.  It is also the time to nourish the gestation of seeds planted in the fall, and to prepare for the burst of new life in the spring.

Winter is the season to support the kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, ears, and hair through appropriate foods and herbal tonics.

It’s wise to reduce the amount of food we eat during the winter season. Eat locally grown, organic and chemical- free foods that grow in season. Emphasize soups and stews, root vegetables, plenty of dark greens, kidney and black beans, walnuts, black sesame seeds, whole grains, and seaweed, garlic, ginger, and plenty of dark leafy vegetables.  Sleep early, rest well, and do less vigorous exercise.

We also know, that during winter season we are more susceptible to colds and flu. If you are interested in a natural way to boost your immune system, you may want to consider an integrative treatment option like acupuncture and herbs.

My Wish for 2014

My wish in this coming year is for us to become conscious of all that is unconscious. As we do, we synchronize and unify our courage, compassion, creativity, resiliency, and joy. Let’s listen to our intuition, act upon it, and do more of what we love to do. Let us awaken dormant powers. Let us dream the highest dreams ever!

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.”

Have a great New YearImage

About Dr. Alvita Soleil

Dr. Soleil’s approach to health and wellness integrates ancient wisdom with modern technology. We use a wide variety of effective, natural restorative therapies with practical life-enhancing methods that support rejuvenation, and address health concerns on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Soleil's emphasis is on prevention, detoxification, strengthening the body, awakening the mind and empowering the spirit. She offers an integrated and compassionate approach to many health challenges as she draws upon the wisdom of her own life journey, weaving it with the expertise of Modern Western Psychology, the New Science, the new Paradigm of Quantum physics, and the exquisite wisdom of Mother Earth. Having dealt with many health challenges, her heart is open to a compassionate and integrated approach to well being. For this reason she combines many holistic healing modalities in her practice with the use of her intuitive gifts. Her joy and passion for healing, teaching, and assisting people in cultivating their own inner mastery is guided by her love for the truth and reverence for both the light and the shadow journey in each person life’s journey. She is currently in private practice at the Aloha Health Clinic in Kamuela at the Waimea Town Plaza. Contact Dr. Soleil at (808) 889-0770
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