The Wisdom of the Body

Sunrise in the water  I have worked with many patients over the years that asked for, or wished for a magic pill that gives them more energy and makes them feel good. Many would give a lot for the promise of instant well-being.  In our constant search for the quick magic wand, most of us are looking outside of ourselves, someplace, someone, something to fix, or to get…  Certainly, it may be necessary to get the right diagnosis, the right health program, the right doctor, drug, vitamin, herb, or healer in order to feel good. But above all, we need to recognize that healing is a journey of coming back home to our body, coming back to the presence of the evolving mind, heart and Soul.

Without a conscious relationship, with our body, we have no means of expressing the divine intelligence that lives within us.  Our body carries us every step we take in the journey home to our soul. This companion is the receptacle of our ancestors, thoughts, beliefs, stories, our experiences, our fears, and our hopes. It is the signature of who we are, the unification of the Mind and Soul.  Without the body, there is no Soul, without the awaken Soul the body resembles a frozen river.

So I ask you, do you love your body? Do you know what sustains you (besides food and chocolate)? What beliefs you hold about your body? Do you inhabit your body? What is the relationship you have with your body?

Most of us have many reasons to treat the body like a distant relative.  Our culture is obsessed with trying to achieve the “perfect look”. We are constantly bombarded with nonsense media messages about our body from fashion fitness to the latest diet.  No wonder our personal experience of our body maybe confused. At best it is a source of pleasure, and a good piece of machinery; at worst it may feel intolerable, vacant, dirty, sinful or painful.

The truth is that in our culture our sacred bodies have been stripped, denied, separated, and alienated from their own essential life force – the Soul.  Even our spiritual literature can create or exacerbate a separation within us.  We are taught to rise above our body, that we are not our bodies, that our bodies are sins of the flesh or a ghostly illusion, and being attached to it is a source of suffering.  This split separates us from all aspects of ourselves, from God, Goddess, spirit and nature. In addition we are taught to not trust, to deny the life force, the spark of consciousness that lives inside of us.

In my experience it is difficult to maintain a positive relationship with myself when I neglect my body through the relentless stress of a fast paced life style and endless demands for productivity.

What a great loss to feel estranged from our own homeland!  Perhaps you may remember a time when you were lying on the grass and you felt an overwhelming sense of well-being, when your body felt so relaxed, so exquisitely open. As a gentle wind caressed your skin you felt alive, tingling. You did not know where you began and where you ended, and in the soft belly of the earth mother you let go more and more knowing that it was safe and you were loved.

This profound sense of reconnecting awakens our deep self, our Soul. As we re-inhabit and embrace our body we reclaim our aliveness, creativity, joy, and our peace.  Our bodies are the living cells of the body Earth, and hold the secrets of the universe. To reclaim it, to celebrate the grief, the blood, the fears, and the scars is to honor it, to know we are a proof of our divinity. Our work is to embrace our full humanity in our body.  I invite you to take permanent residence in your beautiful bodies as we journey collectively toward our embodied wisdom.

“You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft body animal of your body love what it loves”.                                                                                                                                                         Mary Oliver

Finis - Mahalo!

About Dr. Alvita Soleil

Dr. Soleil’s approach to health and wellness integrates ancient wisdom with modern technology. We use a wide variety of effective, natural restorative therapies with practical life-enhancing methods that support rejuvenation, and address health concerns on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Soleil's emphasis is on prevention, detoxification, strengthening the body, awakening the mind and empowering the spirit. She offers an integrated and compassionate approach to many health challenges as she draws upon the wisdom of her own life journey, weaving it with the expertise of Modern Western Psychology, the New Science, the new Paradigm of Quantum physics, and the exquisite wisdom of Mother Earth. Having dealt with many health challenges, her heart is open to a compassionate and integrated approach to well being. For this reason she combines many holistic healing modalities in her practice with the use of her intuitive gifts. Her joy and passion for healing, teaching, and assisting people in cultivating their own inner mastery is guided by her love for the truth and reverence for both the light and the shadow journey in each person life’s journey. She is currently in private practice at the Aloha Health Clinic in Kamuela at the Waimea Town Plaza. Contact Dr. Soleil at (808) 889-0770
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